AuxLib - Auxiliary Library


When working on various programming projects one often writes short code segments that are general in nature. We started collecting these auxiliary functions in a common place, the Auxiliary Library. At the moment AuxLib consists of only one module, containing input/output functions, but the library may be extended by additional, general functions.

Download & Install

Just click on AuxLib-BalticSea.tgz to download the package. Type tar xzvf AuxLib-BalticSea.tgz to unpack or, alternatively, gunzip and untar the file in two separate steps. This creates a directory named AuxLib which contains all the files. Change into this directory and customize the makefile. Then type make which should leave you with the library file libaux.a.

AuxLib Modules


Input/Output functions.

int read_int(FILE *fp, int *dummy);

Read the next integer after skipping over a possible comment.

int read_double(FILE *fp, double *dummy);

Read the next double after skipping over a possible comment.

int read_string(FILE *fp, char *a);

Read the next string which is terminated by EOF, white space, tab or carriage return, after skipping over a possible comment.

int read_stringline(FILE *fp, char *a);

Read the entire current line as string, terminated by EOF or carriage return. Comments are not skipped.

void skip_comment(FILE *fp);

If current line starts with a '#' character it will be skipped.

void clear_line(FILE *fp);

Skip all characters in current line until EOF or carriage return is reached.


'AuxLib' - Auxiliary Library
Copyright (C) 2000 University of California, Santa Barbara

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the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

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