General Remarks about the Executables

Click on the platform link in the Executables menu to get to the executables. - Enjoy!

In order to execute Spinor you will need a couple other files:

There is no hard coded directory structure that Spinor expects but you have to make sure the directory settings in the parameter file match your situation. We recommend the following directory structure:

If you are not interested in the development of the Spinor code but only in the executables you only need to recreate the upper directory structure starting with the [SpinorProject] directory. You also won't need the [Modules] subdirectory.

Place the Spinor executables that you download into the [Spinor] directory, the pseudopotential files go into the [UPFs] directory and all other input files (structure file, symmetry file and Ewald file) are placed into the [Inputs] folder. Make sure you adjust the PATH environment variable or set an alias according to the location of the executables. In the recommended directory structure the [Outputs] directory will contain subdirectories for the individual calculations.

Finally change into the directory (e.g. a subdirectory of [Outputs]) where you put the parameter file (e.g. GaAs.param), edit the path variables in the [Dir] key-block to match your situation and type

spinor < GaAs.param > GaAs.log

in order to execute Spinor. We assumed that you set an alias called 'spinor' to the actual executable you want to use.