Latest News about the Spinor Project

O.k., I set up a mailing list through In order to subscribe follow the link under 'Spinor @' on the left hand menu. Then click on the 'Lists' item in the Sourceforge menu which will load a new page that contains the spinor mailing list called 'spinor-talk'. Click on the subscribe link and follow the instructions. Finish with clicking the subscribe button. I would assume that the list is very low volume but this is the new way to stay informed of what is going on with Spinor. I urge all the folks that previously signed up on the Spinor page to change over to the new mailing list. Thanks!

The new way of obtaining the files of the Spinor project is to go through Spinor's sourceforge page at I still have to change all the web pages to point to the new download location!

The Spinor pages moved to their hopefully final location at! Please change your bookmarks accordingly. Thanks!
In the next couple of weeks I hope to take full advantage of all the features that offers. This will include things such as mailing lists and alike.

Added S.PA.M. to the Tool Box. S.PA.M. is a graphical user interface written in Java which helps with the generation of parameter files for Spinor.

fhi2upf has been put into the Tool Box. This conversion tool can be used to convert pseudopotential files from the fhi98PP format into Spinor's *.upf format.

Finally! The latest Spinor version 'Citrus-1' has been released. Check out the Executables and the Development sections. At the moment only the Linux executable is available, but it should be no problem to build Spinor for other platforms starting from the source distribution available at Development / Spinor.

There are a number of new features in Spinor-Citrus-1, including:
Consequently the parameter file has changed. Some key-blocks had to be modified and a number of new key-blocks have been introduced. Take a look at the Input Files / Parameter File section to get the details.

And as always, if things don't seem to work for you just drop me an email...

Two small bug fixes and a minor enhancement of the 'bndstrct.dat' output lead to the new Spinor version 'Beach.1'. The sources are available on the Development/Spinor page.

It is Christmas and I managed to get all the sources out before I have some fun in the snow...! I added some new feature to Spinor such as population analysis and density of states, resulting in a new Spinor version called 'Beach.0'. There is also a new version of the Xmath library which you should get if you are interested in code development. Talking about code development, all links on the Development section are working and you should be able to get started with the information provided there. Don't hesitate to email me at if thinks don't work for you.

If you are only interested in the executables you can grab them from the Executables section, read through the Input Files section, set up your directory structure, download the input files and enjoy...

Last but not least: Please read The Idea to get an idea of what Spinor is all about.

Finally: All input files required to run the Spinor executables are accessible through this web page. Take a look at the General Remarks page in the Executables section to get started.
Note: You will need to download the latest version of the executables 'Avocado.1'!

Development/AuxLib is up.

Paper about the Spin-Orbit part of Spinor is available at the Condensed Matter Server:

Development/FlexiLib is up.

Development/Xmath is up now. Things should start moving soon...

We are pleased to announce the release of the Spinor executables for Linux and SGI. The current version is 'Avocado.0'
Many of the links in the menu, including those in the development section, do NOT yet point to existing pages. This will hopefully change after I get back from vacation...